The MamaCat Store

A Gift from the Heart

Looking for a unique baby gift?
Celebrate with a customised gift from us.

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Beanie Pillows

Filled with premium quality buckwheat husks,
this pillow offers the best comfort for your little one.

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Teether Ring Toys

Specially crafted to help soothes your baby's
teething pains and keeps them entertained!

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Front Bib & Drool Pad

To protect your baby carrier shoulder straps from drool.

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Fabric Masks

Mask up to protect ourselves and our loved ones.
Breathable masks available in Adult and kid sizes.

Be a masketeer

Fabric Wallet

A stylish minimalist Cash/ Card Wallet for your daily needs~

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Nylon Bow Headband

Beautiful hair accessory perfect for the every day!
Suitable for newborn and up.

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