1. What materials are your items made of?
Almost all our products are made with fabrics that are 100% cotton or organic cotton. Some products are polyester blends due to the required texture / nature of fabric. 

  • Teething Pads / Bibs / Taggie Blankets - 100% cotton fabrics and padding / flannel lining.
  • Teething Rings - Natural un-treated maple wood
  • Carrier Hoods - Mainly 100% cotton fabrics. Character hoods contain felt which are made of wool / synthetic fibers
  • Beanie Pillows - 100% cotton fabrics. Buckwheat husks which have been sifted through to remove loose particles and UV sterilised to kill bacteria & germs
  • Headbands - 100% cotton fabrics. 
  • Blankets - 100% cotton with Minky backings. 

2. What are ribbon taggies found on teething pads / taggie blankets?
Ribbon taggies was created by an early childhood educator to be a stimulate visual and sensory experiences for the child. The taggie blanket also acts as a cuddly security blanket.

On teething pads, the ribbon taggies also have a practical use for mummies if they would like to hang toy / pacifier straps.

3. Should I go for straight or curved (corner) teething pads?
Straight teething pads typically only protect the shoulder straps of the baby carrier. Whereas curved teething pads protect shoulder straps as well as the corner which joins the shoulder straps and back panel of the carrier.

Deciding between a straight or curved teething pad depends on where your child usually chews on when in the baby carrier.

5. Should I go for button carrier case or drawstring bag for the storage of my baby carrier?
It is a personal preference for which method of storage for your baby carrier.

The button carrier case which is fixed onto the waistband of the baby carrier is a convenient way of storage as it remains attached on the carrier even when not in use. The waistband also acts as a sling when stored in the button carrier case.

The drawstring bag would be a better choice if you prefer to keep the entire carrier wrapped up instead of exposing the waistband, especially for woven conversion carriers.

6. What if an item I want to buy is sold out?
Items that are sold out might be restocked. Do drop us an email to be notified of restocks. 

7. Can I edit/ cancel my order upon confirmation and payment?
We do not accept cancellations upon order confirmation. Exchange service is provided if products are damaged or if the wrong item was posted out.

8. If I want to order in bulk, how should I go about doing it?
We currently do not provide bulk orders as all items are handmade from home. But we are working on it. Do drop us an email if you are keen. 

9. If you have any other questions, please contact us at meow@themamacat.com

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