Founded in 2012, MamaCat was first started by a mother and her youngest daughter who shared a love for handicrafts and designing. They wanted a brand for the handmade items they sold at flea markets and derived the name "MamaCat" from the mummy's name, "Catherine".

When the big sister of the family popped in 2014, the newly upgraded Grandmama Cat started sewing baby items that were both useful and beautiful for the baby. Mama Adeline also joined the team when she picked up sewing to make accessories for herself and Baby P.

Friends and fellow mummy friends started ordering baby accessories from them and business gradually grew via word-of-mouth.

With the continued support from friends and customers, the trio started channeling their creative passion for handicraft and design into their work. Today, MamaCat is a full-fledged online store specializing in beautiful handmade baby accessories and gift sets for mummies and babies.

The Team

GrandMama Catherine - A homemaker and perfectionist who loves handicraft work and sewing. Most of the beautiful products are sewn by this night owl who likes working into the wee hours of the night. 

Mamacat Adeline - A work-at-home-mum (WAHM) who loves shopping for her 2 boys. Her frequent shopping sprees gives her inspiration for MamaCat products. She is also the Captain and strategist steering the brand and occasionally sews when she has time. 

Sistercat Amelie - The designer who does all the photography, illustrations, embroidery and unique product designs you see at MamaCat. She is also the order-taker + customer service counter answering the questions from excited mummies and does all the endless miscellaneous tasks (cutting fabric, punch buttons, packing, posting and the list goes on) at MamaCat. 

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