Welcome to our little dream store! The Mamacat Store is a homegrown brand founded by a mother and her two daughters who shares a passion for handicrafts and design!

The brand name was derived from our mum’s name, Catherine (Cat in short) ^_^

Together, we handmade beautiful and practical baby-mummy items like beanie pillows, bibs, teething toys, minky blankets and baby carrier accessories.

We also make pouches, fabric wallets, scrunchies and adult headbands that will make a perfect gift for your friends or yourself.

With our unique fabric options and wide range of products, we are sure you will find something you love~

The Meows

GrandMama Catherine - The head of the sewing team! A homemaker and perfectionist who loves handicraft work and sewing. Most of the beautiful products are sewn by this night owl who likes working into the wee hours of the night.

Mamacat Adeline - A work-at-home-mum (WAHM) who loves shopping for her 2 boys. Her frequent shopping sprees gives her inspiration for our Mamacat products. She is also the strategist and resourceful source-rer who brought in all the beautiful fabrics and materials the team needs and occasionally sews when she has time.

Sistercat Amelie - The designer who does all the photography, illustrations, embroidery and unique product designs you see at Mamacat. She also handles the social media and oversees the production (from taking order to packing and sending them out to excited mummies).

Since 2012.

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