IN-STOCK Fabric Mask (Adult) 6


Adult size: about 13.5cm from nose to chin, 21cm ear to ear


Our fabric masks is made of 3 layers: Two fabric (100% cotton) layers with cotton flannel lining in between. No filter slot. Held on by elastic ear loops. Soft and breathable.

Fulfilment date: Will send out in 1 week from the date you place order. If design is out of stock here, you can purchase the Custom Slot but delivery for pre-order will be 2 weeks.


Placement for fabric design is random.

Elastic may vary depends on availability. 

Disclaimer: This may not be compared to surgical masks but it gives some level of protection and certainly better than no protection at all. Please purchase only the amount you need and at your own discretion.

(If you are purchasing our other usual baby items, please check out separately as it will be separate shipment due to different delivery time)

Design :
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